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[continuumizm] Sounds & stories from the dance music continuum, collected & connected.

  • A Wormhole to new Drum & Bass territory

    Ed Rush & Optical led us thru a tunnel to new sonic territory with their Virus LP 'Wormhole' in 1998. Look back at the time when the album was birthed and its impact on the drum & bass scene including a recording of the duo from an appearance on Radio 1 with Grooverider.

  • Infolines

    The essential digits for promoters and partygoers. Reflected on infolines after seeing a pic of scribbled down Toronto rave hotlines of some classic promoters from early party days and see a pic of some more from the later 90s wave of a golden era in Toronto raving.

  • Manni Dee Homage to London Acid Techno Features Familiar Voice of Chris Liberator

    Chris Liberator did a vocal for acid techno homage on Manni Dee's new LP of tougher sounds on Perc Trax. Manni chatted about the album, scene & life with Apogee Joe on Rinse FM recently & treated us to a mix from the Liberator DJ himself.

  • Remembering Kemistry

    Years on from her untimely death on this day we always take a moment to remember Kemistry and the legacy of her contributions to drum & bass.

  • Thank You Keith Prodigy

    On the anniversary of his passing, thinking of Keith Prodigy, his evolution in the group and a particular, personal influence on my life.

  • Acid Techno's 'avin It Heyday

    On a day celebrating the TB-303, acid and dance music, one really must look at the London acid techno scene. Revolving around fast, hard techno beats with grinding, raw, dirty 303 acid lines, and underground parties of squats, drugs, travelers and sound systems in the mid-90s it was epitomized in a compilation called It's Not Intelligent...And It's Not From Detroit...But It's F**king 'avin It!

  • RIP Leon Music House

    Sad news of Music House dubplate cutter Leon Chu passing away. His impact on the drum & bass scene and beyond will be remembered.

  • Doc Scott Essential Mix Tape Cover

    The man who helped define our 90s deserves a throwback Essential Mix tape cover now that he's done one. Did another design up in honour of the occasion like ones you used to cut out of Mixmag for fun!

  • Talkin' Headz: The Documentary That Put Metalheadz in Focus

    Looking back at Talkin' Headz the Metalheadz documentary released in 1998 that focuses on the label's groundbreaking mid-90s history and captures a key point in a golden era of the drum & bass scene. The lost chapter of the doc can be found in a rare Sunday Sessions video of the Metalheadz club night at the Blue Note.

  • Sherelle Essential Mix throwback Mixmag cutout tape cover

    Sherelle nailed her debut Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1 and it reminded of in the 90s after recording off the broadcast you'd wait for Mixmag Magazine to publish a cut-out cover with tracklist. Made one for fun!