Thank You Keith Prodigy

04 Mar 2021

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Thinking of Keith today.

Back in the earlier Prodigy days, as they rose to the top, we of course knew that Liam was a genius and loved the immense sonic brilliance he brought to the mainstream. But The Prodigy also inspired us to move. Young and just learning to express ourselves in the dance, the free-flowing rave-y way, we would bust-a-move outside on our own for fun. And there was Keith. He evolved into a renowned frontman and incorporated new elements of attitude and boldness to inspire further. All good things and all good times.

Years later a few times I've found myself faced in life in various situations, on stages, being in front of a crowd, speaking, leading etc. Roles that required having presence and being bigger than oneself. I think I can honestly say it was Keith's example and inspiration that helped me draw from inside a little bit more confidence, carefree attitude. That little bit more flare. That little bit more energy. That little bit more fire.

Thank you Keith.

Cover photo: A rare random photo of a mate dancing in a field out back of our school.