[continuumizm] New tunes, old throwbacks, mixes and music

  • Trainspottle

    The musical intro guessing game Heardle inspired us to ask "why not us too?" and make a version for classic jungle/dnb and more from the dance music continuum. Fancy your trainspotting skills?

  • Alive Always

    Daft Punk treated us to footage from their 1997 Daftendirektour live PA in LA on the anniversary of their 'retirement'. An amazing recording from the vaults with all the Homework favourites.

  • A Wormhole to new Drum & Bass territory

    Ed Rush & Optical led us thru a tunnel to new sonic territory with their Virus LP 'Wormhole' in 1998. Look back at the time when the album was birthed and its impact on the drum & bass scene including a recording of the duo from an appearance on Radio 1 with Grooverider.

  • Manni Dee Homage to London Acid Techno Features Familiar Voice of Chris Liberator

    Chris Liberator did a vocal for acid techno homage on Manni Dee's new LP of tougher sounds on Perc Trax. Manni chatted about the album, scene & life with Apogee Joe on Rinse FM recently & treated us to a mix from the Liberator DJ himself.

  • Acid Techno's 'avin It Heyday

    On a day celebrating the TB-303, acid and dance music, one really must look at the London acid techno scene. Revolving around fast, hard techno beats with grinding, raw, dirty 303 acid lines, and underground parties of squats, drugs, travelers and sound systems in the mid-90s it was epitomized in a compilation called It's Not Intelligent...And It's Not From Detroit...But It's F**king 'avin It!

  • José Padilla - The Ibiza Chill Out mix

    RIP José Padilla, godfather of chill-out, legend of Café Del Mar Ibiza. Muzik once came with a tape of a slice of his renowned Balearic vibes. For years it was my post-rave go-to.

  • Revisiting Torque Thru the No U-Turn Experience

    To get the full feel for Torque was to hear bits in the mix. Ed Rush & Trace played a "No U-Turn Experience" mix on One In The Jungle BBC Radio 1 in 1997 before the landmark compilation LP came out. A big deal: the NUT techstep drum & bass sound on display to the world.

  • Shy FX - No Confusion It Was Always About the Culture

    From tunes to Notting Hill Carnival, Shy FX delivers a masterclass time and time again that is deeply rooted in a love for the sounds of drum'n'bass and soundsystem culture. In reflecting and reminiscing I stumbled upon a lost exchange with him from an old release.

  • Dillinja's Hard Noize remix and the Legacy of Test 2

    The Break remix of Hard Noize re-establishes the legacy of the new sound Dillinja unleashed in 1998 whose Test 2 release is remembered for its mystery and confusion.

  • Throwback: Dom & Roland "Can't Punish Me" dubplate

    Dom & Roland's "Can't Punish Me" was a quintessential turn of the century big drum & bass tune but now he's released a lost 1998 dubplate version not many have heard. This one's a throwback but also not!

  • How You Make Me Feel

    Years on from his passing we remember Marcus Intalex and his love of the music, represented in a mix of old skool influences from the archives.