The essential digits for promoters and partiers

09 Oct 2021

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Saw a pic of scribbled down Toronto rave hotlines of some classic promoters from early party days including e-Network, Alien, Delirium, Transendance, Destiny, Syrous, Better Days and Dose. Essential digits.

Those essential digits listed on flyers and scribbled down to reference on party weekends. Those key sources of information before internet use became more widespread. When all the anxious excitement about your next rave journey would come down to dialing a number to hear a voicemail message to learn the latest details and only-on-the-day-of location (or maybe just shuttlebus meetup details!) of the event.

Rave infoline numbers seen on a whiteboard in multiple colours for party promoters in the late 90s in Toronto. Hotlines with 416 area code that wasn't mandatory in earlier party years including pHryL, Hullabaloo, Big Bug, Liquid Adrenaline, AWOL, Next Junction, Nightmare, Renegades, Goodfellaz, THR, ATM, Empire, Citrus, E-maiL, and the club Industry. PLUR included for good measure.
Here's some more from the later 90s, the second wave of a golden era in Toronto raving. Including the now mandatory 416 area code!

Promoters would record short and sweet messages on the fly in the busy hours leading up to events and longer thought out presentations also. Details could include revealing the previously TBA location and venue, last minute changes, on-the-door ticket availability/unavailability and attractions to look forward to. They would also sometimes get really creative with performed skits, announcements of DJ lineups, even getting headliners and MCs to prepare custom messages beforehand to build the hype. Snippets of popular tunes would often round out the advertisement to give a brief preview of the musical vibes to be available on the night. Legend has it classic Toronto jungle tune ‘Dub Plate Pressure’ started as a short demo song whipped together by Mystical Influence and the Vinyl Syndicate crew to help the crew at Syrous with their next party infoline recording! Infoline messages were a rudimentary but effective information vehicle slash radio commercial, essential to promoter and partier alike.