Manni Dee Homage to London Acid Techno Features Familiar Voice of Chris Liberator

20 Jun 2021

[on continuumizm] sounds

"Love Chicago. Love Detroit. But most of all, I love London", a familiar voice exclaims over a pumping track.

Video for London In My System

Yes, that's none other than Chris Liberator providing vocals for a great 'homage to acid techno' tune featured on Manni Dee's new album of tougher sounds on the Perc Trax label. The style and pace of the kick drum was immediately eyebrow raising upon hearing it and nice to see the acid techno legend involved.

Manni chatted with Apogee Joe about the album, scene and life on Rinse FM recently and treated us to a mix from the Liberator DJ himself.

Cover: "Dirty lowlife warehouse squatting acid techno bastards". May 2016. Shoreditch, London. Photo by Molly Macindoe.