Doc Scott Essential Mix Tape Cover
Throwback Mixmag design to see all the dubplates in the tracklist

29 Nov 2020

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Doc Scott, famed drum & bass dj and producer, laid down his first Radio 1 Essential Mix on November 28th. A bit surprising considering his longevity in the scene. He made small note of the lack of invitation a few months back on Twitter. Perhaps with some extra social media pressure, his chance came finally to go in the mix for Pete Tong's long-lasting BBC dance mix show and didn't disappoint. Seemed fitting to make a throwback tape cover in honour of the occasion.

Mixmag cutout tape cover designed for Doc Scott's Essential Mix, Nov 2020 by continuumizm.
For your copy: throwback Mixmag cut-out tape cover for Doc Scott Essential Mix. Scotty bigged it up.

Did this for another recently but the man who helped define our 90s deserves a throwback Essential Mix tape cover too now that he's done one. Like tape covers you had to cut out from Mixmag to get the tracklist after recording your own copy off the radio. Made for fun!

The Essential Mix itself is full of upfront DnB and dubplates as you'd expect from Doc Scott but also some deeper techno & bass bits, the mark of a top selector who's been on a journey thru the music and knows how to take us on one. Big ups.

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