RIP Leon Music House

01 Dec 2020

[on continuumizm] stories

Many across a number of scenes, particularly drum & bass, mourned at the sudden loss of Leon Chu (after a battle with cancer). A behind-the-scenes character who worked at the famous Music House cutting studios making dubplates for basically every major player and tune in the 90s and beyond. Cutting dubplates was a key part of the culture of getting fresh productions into DJs hands to play as quick as possible. Started by his father, Music House was a key part of the jungle and drum & bass scene as it grew and evolved with Leon cutting plates giving support and focus as well as it becoming a storied social meeting point for key scenesters.

Jungle/dnb names like Grooverider, DJ Hype, Goldie, DJ Ron, Brockie, Bailey, DJ Die and on and on expressed sadness online. Others like reggae don Sir David Rodigan and grime's Slimzee also mourned showing Leon's impact and importance not limited to just jungle or London. All the soundsystem culture connected scenes, history and generations. Continuumizm.

More than just a master of his craft.
A foundational element.
Helping to foster community.
Part of the culture.
RIP Leon Music House.

Cover Photo: Leon working in Music House photo by Georgina Drumzofthesouth, appeared in Knowledge Magazine.