José Padilla - The Ibiza Chill Out mix
Remembering the godfather of chillout with my go-to post-rave mixtape

21 Oct 2020

[on continuumizm] sounds

José Padilla, the "godfather of chill-out", legendary for djing sets at Café Del Mar in Ibiza, has passed away at 64 after a battle with colon cancer. The sad news reminded me of a tape that held a special place & purpose in my life for a number of years.

Photo with caption: Jose Padilla, and the tape he made earlier. Introductory text in Muzik Magazine, June 1998.

Introduction to the mix, Muzik Magazine, June 1998.

A cassette tape (yep, those heady days) came with an issue of Muzik Magazine in 1998 that had a slice of his renowned Balearic vibes. It became my go-to "post-rave" mix for awhile. You know the kind - something to throw on after a party when you finally make it home at some daytime hour, bringing the BPMs down, as you head towards bed for recovery. This tape was a perfect length megamix, soundtracking the drift into many a deep slumber. Hearing it now is triggering echoes from my REM subconscious. RIP José.