SWU FM Goes On Air in Bristol
Station launches on FM radio officially & legally

23 Oct 2020

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FM license awarding public announcement poster by GiveUpArt, 2018.No longer a test transmission! After years of work, SWU.FM starts broadcasting & beaming to the community & world today. From beginnings as a temporary exhibition to getting public support for the station and being awarded an FM license, building the studio, and covid launch delays –it's been a journey for hard-working heads like Ollie and the team for sure. In this social media age we were able to have some documentation and glimpses of the development and passion at work from the ground up which was nice!

Posters promoting month-long pop-up radio station in 2016
"South West Underground" was a temporary exhibition pop-up radio station for a month in Bristol in 2016
Main studio being built
Behind-the-scenes building the station facilities
Posters seen in Bristol promoting new FM frequency
Final promotion posters around the city with FM frequency designed by Give Up Art, 2020

With a pirate radio ethos, rich underground culture and pool of artists in Bristol to draw from, and even Rinse FM design sensibilities by Give Up Art, exciting SWU.FM times lie ahead connecting & sharing in the scene together. I have always said radio is a great way to keep in touch with the scene when not partying and we could all use some more positive frequencies uniting us right now. Congrats all.

The lineup of shows includes Bristol local talent and legends alike. A great mix of dance and urban styles will be on display from dubstep, uk garage, jungle/drum'n'bass, reggae, house and techno, all very much connected to the rave & dance heritage and soundsystem culture heritage of the city. A few that will be dropping in for regular shows include Addison Groove, DJ Die/GutterFunk, Om Unit, Jakes, DJ Dazee, and Sam Binga!

Promo images for upcoming show hosts on SWU FM include Om Unit, Sam Binga, DJ Die/GutterFunk, Addison Groove, Jakes, and DJ Dazee

Get locked in

Visit πŸ”—SWU.FM for the worldwide stream or tune the local dial - 103.7 FM!

Cover photo: SWU FM aerial high atop the station tower overlooking Bristol.